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Foundation Stage – Doves

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Summer Learning

Please find suggested timetables of learning for the Summer Term. This roughly follows our learning day on a normal school day so please use it as a guide if you feel it would be useful.

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  • Summer Week 1 Timetable
  • Summer Week 2
  • Minibeast Hunt
  • Week 4 Timetable
  • Add And Subtract W4
  • Number Track
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Spring Learning

Hello Doves!

Welcome to our class pages. Here you will find most of the things that I have sent home and some useful additions. I have included Jolly phonics so that your child can listen to and practise their letter sounds correctly.

I know that this is a difficult time and only expect you to try some of the things to keep your child entertained and maintain their level of education as best you can in the most enjoyable way; using the activities that are suggested. I have included the Early Learning goals; for you to have a better understanding of what your child should be able to to over the next few months.

Below are some websites that you might find useful.

Don’t forget Purple Mash; where activities across the curriculum can be accessed. Also Numbots for Maths. The Login for both of these is on the front of your child’s green reading record book.

Have fun learning together.

From the Foundation Team

Mrs A Jones, Mrs Birkett and Miss Cole

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  • Web Title Page
  • Specific Areas ELG And Exeeding
  • Prime Areas ELG And Exceeding
  • All Jolly Phonics Songs In Alphabetic Order
  • How To Help You Child At Home
  • Number Track
  • T L 4218 Phase 3 Tricky Words Word Mat Ver 1
  • Tricky Words Word Mat Precursive
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Sir Linkalot (spelling practice at home)

During the school closure, download the Sir Linkalot spelling app for fun ways to practice spelling.

Click the link to gain a code which gives you access to the app for FREE!

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