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Year 1 – Pipits

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Pipits Parents,

All children should have a copy of their Plant Diary (into which they can record their bean plant’s growth at home), a blue exercise book and a copy of the Handwriting Booklet (which provides guidance on how to help your child and the school’s approved letter formation).   In your blue exercise book, a Homework Grid gives you ideas and tasks for home learning which can be done in your own timing. Please try to make these tasks as fun as possible and use them to enhance your child’s time at home.

If you need a copy of the Homework Grid or the Handwriting booklet, both are attached below. If you have not collected a blue exercise book from school, please feel free to use your own lined paper.

Many thanks, Team Pipit!

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  • Homework Grid
  • Handwriting Work
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Sir Linkalot (spelling practice at home)

During the school closure, download the Sir Linkalot spelling app for fun ways to practice spelling.

Click the link to gain a code which gives you access to the app for FREE!

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