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Year 3 – Canaries

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Welcome to the Canaries class page.

With the current outbreak of COVID-19 please keep an eye on your emails for updates and support with your child’s learning.

Take a look below for inspiration for different activities you could do. If you’ve had a go at a challenge and wish it to be displayed, please send an email to Mr Veal.

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Closure Activities

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  • Year 3 Spring Closure Work
  • Reading Support
  • E-Safety Guidance
  • Video Game Recommendations
  • Year 3 Spelling List
  • Canaries Summer Guidance Week 1
  • Canaries Summer Guidance Week 2
  • Canaries Summer Guidance Week 3
  • Canaries Summer Guidance Week 4
  • Canaries Summer Guidance Week 5
  • Summer 2 Week 1 Guidance
  • Summer 2 Writing Guidance
Sorry, we don't seem to have that policy.
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Kahn Academy is a free resource that has loads of digital lessons your child can access for free, including video tutorials.
They have published information as a Google Docs document to aid with home education your child. is a free to use website designed to help people of all ages learn the basics of computer programming, this link is a resource to continue your child’s computing education.

Hamilton Trust have a few free resources to support your child’s learning with Maths, English and Science, available here.

STEM Learning is an organisation that supports the teaching of Science, Technology, engineering and Mathematics. They have produced some free home learning packs, available here.

There are many other activities available here, this web page is updated regularly and has a link to their Facebook page.

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Mr Veal's Daily Video Challenges!

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DayDaily Challenge (see your email for more information)
23rd MarchCreate your own Flanimal based on the popular book by Ricky Gervais.
24th MarchCreate your own music video, based on Bec Hill's flipcharts.
25th MarchHelp Sheriff Veal with the fences on his ranch.
26th MarchWhich flowers could various characters from Greek Mythology be?
27th MarchVideo Game Design 101
30th MarchMagic flying commas, AKA Apostrophes!
31st MarchCaptain Vealbeard needs help with his Pirate Ship.
1st AprilHelp decode the Sith message for the Jedi Council.
2nd AprilDesign a useless superhero.
3rd AprilBecome an archaeologist.
6th AprilTime to become a Star Baker.
7th AprilCan you make a crazy invention like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit?
8th AprilGet your creative hat on and design a terrific toy.
9th AprilInterview someone from the past.
10th AprilDesign your own board game.
13th AprilBecome a poet, and create a perfect poem.
14th AprilGotta Catch 'Em All! Pokémon!
15th AprilBlast off into space and discover an alien planet.
16th AprilHelp the huntsman search for wild beasts.
17th AprilCreate a tree house for the huntsman to live in.
20th AprilHelp Mr Wonka to create a new chocolate bar.
21st AprilMake a Marvellous Machine for Mr Wonka.
22nd AprilMr Wonka is looking for a new way to navigate his factory.
23rd AprilWhat other rooms are in Mr Wonka's factory?
24th AprilCan you help Mr Wonka design a golden ticket?
27th AprilCaptain Vealbeard returns! Help him share out his treasure.
28th AprilHelp Captain Vealbeard to bury treasure.
29th AprilHelp design a flag for Captain Vealbeard.
30th AprilCaptain Vealbeard teaches you how to join sentences.
1st MayThe Great Vealoni is here to teach you a card trick.
4th MayThe Great Vealoni will show you how to make a T-Shirt change.
5th MayHow to make a card reappear upside down.
6th MayHow to make a pen vanish.
7th MayCan you solve the sums with Roman Numerals?
11th MayCreate a da Vinci inspired machine.
12th MayJust like Raphael, can you draw a portrait?
13th MayCreate a sculpture like Donatello.
14th MayLay on your back to paint like Michelangelo.
15th MayUse stencils to paint like Banksy.
18th MayDesign a Gothic Building like John Usher.
19th MayDesign a school, just like Edward Blore.
20th MayCreate a piece of furniture in the style of William Burges.
21st MayDesign a fancy fireplace like Alfred Waterhouse.
22nd MayDesign a religious building like Charles Mallows.
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Canaries Flanimals

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Bec Hill Inspired Music Videos

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Pirate Ships for Captain Vealbeard

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Design a Terrible Superhero

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Spring Term Highlights

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Wonka's Challenges

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Captain Vealbeard's Challenges

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The Masked Artists

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