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Year 3 – Canaries

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Welcome to the Canaries class page.

With the current outbreak of COVID-19 please keep checking this page for updates of activities to aid with your child’s learning.

Please keep an eye on your emails for updates.

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Closure Activities

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  • Year 3 Closure Work
  • Reading Support
  • E-Safety Guidance
  • Video Game Recommendations
Sorry, we don't seem to have that policy.
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Kahn Academy is a free resource that has loads of digital lessons your child can access for free, including video tutorials.
They have published information as a Google Docs document to aid with home education your child. is a free to use website designed to help people of all ages learn the basics of computer programming, this link is a resource to continue your child’s computing education.

Hamilton Trust have a few free resources to support your child’s learning with Maths, English and Science, available here.

STEM Learning is an organisation that supports the teaching of Science, Technology, engineering and Mathematics. They have produced some free home learning packs, available here.

There are many other activities available here, this web page is updated regularly and has a link to their Facebook page.

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Mr Veal's Daily Video Challenges!

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DayDaily Challenge (see your email for more information)
23rd MarchCreate your own Flanimal based on the popular book by Ricky Gervais.
24th MarchCreate your own music video, based on Bec Hill's flipcharts.
25th MarchHelp Sheriff Veal with the fences on his ranch.
26th MarchWhich flowers could various characters from Greek Mythology be?
27th MarchVideo Game Design 101
30th MarchMagic flying commas, AKA Apostrophes!
31st MarchCaptain Vealbeard needs help with his Pirate Ship.
1st AprilHelp decode the Sith message for the Jedi Council.
2nd AprilTBC
3rd AprilTBC
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Canaries Flanimals

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Bec Hill Inspired Music Videos

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Perimeter Work

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Mythical Characters as Flowers

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