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Year 6 – Kites

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Hello again.

Week 5

During the spring term, the children were planning to take part in an art competition on the theme of Spring. It was due to take place in the Multiple Sclerosis Centre, on Barkers Lane in Bedford, as a part of their Craft and Workshop Day. Unfortunately, it had to be cancelled, but I have included images of the children’s work at the bottom of the page. See if you can spot yours.

As you scroll down the page, you will find many more resources and activities suggested for our new topic, Blood, Heart and Circulation. There are two sheets of Home Activities for you to pick and choose from and a Knowledge Organiser (page 1 and 2), which we would suggest you read through with an adult before you attempt anything. This is the same as you have been given each term – a brief summary of the information and vocabulary which you will meet throughout your studies.

You will by now, have received an email with a link to Accelerated reading,  which will enable you to access thousands of online texts, almost a 1000 of which you will be able to quiz on. I am pleased to see some of you already taking advantage of the quizzing opportunities.

Remember that all of this is there for however you wish to use it. It is not always easy to focus at home. Be selective but try to achieve a little each day, where this is possible.

It was lovely to see so many of you in our Zoom meeting again. I am looking forward to next week’s.

Take care.

Best wishes

Mrs Carter

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Summer Term Learning

Please find suggested timetables of learning for the Summer Term. This roughly follows our learning day on a normal school day so please use it as a guide if you feel it would be useful.

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  • Year 6 Kites Hawks Week 4 Timetable
  • Year 6 Kites Hawks Week 5 Timetable
  • Sum 1 Wk 3 Kites Hawks Timetable
  • Sum 1 Wk 2 Year 6 Kites Hawks
  • Summer Week 1 Timetable
  • Topic Activities To Choose From.
  • Knowledge Organiser Page 2
  • Knowledge Organiser Page 1
  • Blood Heart And Circulation Example Of A Heart Rap
  • Blood Heart And Circulation Dr W Harvey Information
  • The Circulatory System
  • Heart Rate Activity
  • Heart Rate Investigations
  • Heart Diagram Worksheet
  • Heart Diagram Answers
  • Heart Comprehension
  • Blood, Heart And Circulation Home Activity Sheet 001
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Spring Learning

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  • YEAR 6 School Closure Work
  • KS2 Maths Knowledge Organiser For SATs
  • FREE Online Education Resources
  • Arithmetic Paper 14 Yr 6
  • Arithmetic Paper 13 Yr 6
  • Arithmetic Paper 12 Yr 6
  • Arithmetic Paper 11 Yr 6
  • Arithmetic Paper 10 Yr 6
  • Arithmetic Paper 9 Yr 6
  • Arithmetic Paper 8 Yr 6
  • Arithmetic Paper 7 Yr 6
  • 2020 Covid 19 Time Capsule Sheets (1)
  • Spring Maths Challenge 1 Fractions, Percentages And Equations Questions
  • Spring Maths Challenge 1 Fractions, Decimals And Percentages Answers
  • Spring Maths Challenge 2 Codes, Percentages, Decimals And Equations
  • Spring Maths Challenge 2 Codes, Percentages And Equations Answers
  • Arithmetic Paper 7 Answers P1 001
  • Arithmetic Paper 7 Answers P2 001
  • Arithmetic 8 Answers Page 1 001
  • Arithmetic 8 Answers Page 2 001
  • Arithmetic 9 Answers Page 1 001
  • Arithmetic 9 answers page 2 001
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Sir Linkalot (Spelling practice at home!)

During the school closure, download the Sir Linkalot spelling app for fun ways to practice spelling.

Click the link to gain a code which gives you access to the app for FREE!

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