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Year 6 – Kites

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Year 6 are currently in the process of creating a compilation of activities to be used in the event of a school closure, should the Government deem this necessary. It will cover a number of curriculum aspects and is aimed to continue the fabulous progress that the children have been making.

The files and folders contained on this page are available for the children to use alongside the hard copies of work they have been given. If they have not received a pack from school, please review the list of activities contained on this page and work through them in the event of closure.

Thank you

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  • YEAR 6 School Closure Work
  • KS2 Maths Knowledge Organiser For SATs
  • FREE Online Education Resources
  • Arithmetic Paper 14 Yr 6
  • Arithmetic Paper 13 Yr 6
  • Arithmetic Paper 12 Yr 6
  • Arithmetic Paper 11 Yr 6
  • Arithmetic Paper 10 Yr 6
  • Arithmetic Paper 9 Yr 6
  • Arithmetic Paper 8 Yr 6
  • Arithmetic Paper 7 Yr 6
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Sir Linkalot (Spelling practice at home!)

During the school closure, download the Sir Linkalot spelling app for fun ways to practice spelling.

Click the link to gain a code which gives you access to the app for FREE!

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