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Special Education Needs (SEN) and Disability Information

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Specialist Support at Brickhill Primary School

We believe that all pupils have individual needs which the school is confident of meeting in all but
very exceptional circumstances. Some children experience learning difficulties at school, and an
early identification of their problems is a key factor in meeting their needs.
Initially the class teacher provides work at an appropriate level with the Special Needs Co-ordinator
offering advice.
The progress of each child is carefully monitored and recorded and help is given where there are
seen to be difficulties.
At all times parents are kept fully informed of their child’s progress. Sometimes it is necessary to
seek specialist help.
Similarly children who are particularly gifted are given additional help and challenges within the
context of normal class teaching. Resources in the school are appropriate to cater for the brightest
and the least able.

Arrangements for the treatment of complaints

If parents have any concerns about issues relating to the Special Educational provision for their child,
they are encouraged to talk to the class teacher, Special Needs Co-ordinator and/or the

This follows the Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs set out by the Department for
Children, Schools and Families.
Please refer to the Schools Complaints Policy.

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