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Values & Ethos

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Children learn best when they are HAPPY and secure. The first aim therefore is to create a happy, secure, stable and caring environment in which children can develop to the full.

No two children learn in exactly the same way. We aim to meet the needs of every child and ensure that each individual feels VALUED.

We aim to provide varied and challenging learning experiences in order to help pupils develop lively inquiring minds, to be creative, INSPIRED and to expand their intellectual capacities.

We aim to develop a child’s independence and personal responsibility and teach them to be RESILIENT in the learning situation, so that with encouragement they become self-disciplined, well motivated and best equipped towards fulfilling their individual potential.

Children need skills and knowledge, which are relevant to adult life and will ensure they are EMPOWERED to cope with our changing world. We aim to provide a sound foundation in literacy, numeracy and ICT skills and to foster attitudes towards these disciplines so that pupils can use these skills efficiently and effectively. Children need to understand the world in which they live. We aim to provide opportunities so that children can gain a wide knowledge, experience and understanding across the curriculum. In doing so they will develop, use and apply language, mathematical and creative skills, which will enable them to gain and understand new information.

Children need to be able to integrate into and contribute to society. We aim to impart moral values. These values include being TOLERANT of all religions, races and ways of life, as well as fostering international links. We encourage children to relate positively with others and to take responsibility for their own actions.

We have developed the THRIVE symbol. The symbol embraces the concept of us growing, developing, and becoming healthy and strong together. The shoots of the plant encompass our six concepts Tolerant, Happy, Resilient, Inspired, Valued and Empowered. Together the shoots represent a thriving plant. Each shoot is a different size and colour, implying a community. Our school community transforms a set of individuals into a whole.

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